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Secretariat and management support for member based allied health organisations.

What Sets Us Apart

We focus on what we know best.

We provide secretariat support and management to member based associations that support allied health professions, assistants and affiliated occupations. By outsourcing secretariat and administrative functions, your board can focus on delivering high value services to your members while reducing the reliance on volunteers or employed staff. Quite simply, we can’t be everything to everyone so we focus on what we know best so that you can offer the best quality services to your members.

Our Skill Sets



Financial Administration



Strategic Planning

Workforce Planning

Professional Development

About HealthWork International

The HealthWork International group of companies uses data-driven solutions to increase workforce effectiveness, efficiency and quality for health care organisations, government, and professional associations. We address problems of health workforce supply, distribution, need, and capability. Our outputs add value to clinical service delivery, increase workforce effectiveness and efficiency, sharing of information, evidence, and expertise, and provide platforms to support health practitioner quality and competence.

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