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What sets us apart

HealthWork Solutions draws on the resources and support of the HealthWork International (HWI) Group of companies to provide specialised expertise to support allied health professions’ association management, registration and self-regulation.

Strong understanding of allied health

Expertise in professional regulation

Knowledge of and connections in the allied health market

Opportunities to support and mentor start-up organisations and help you grow

Additional (unique) expertise in geospatial workforce mapping, surveys and other planning and diagnostic tools

HealthWork Solutions clients will continue to benefit as we expand our suite of industry specific solutions. Our resources build capacity in allied health workforce planning and creates opportunities to bring high level support and expertise to the support of your association, including:

Our state-of-the-art HealthWork Mapping provides geospatial workforce analysis to determine allied health workforce need, demand and supply to address a range of health workforce planning issues.

We undertake workforce planning and strategy development using HealthWork Mapping, workforce surveys and analysis of payroll and service data; service evaluation, needs assessment and capacity building.

Our newsletter and eBook publishing includes:

  • Publishing Allied Health Insights™ – a weekly newsletter focused on industry information for
    allied health professionals including blogs, podcasts, essential reading and community
    notices; and
  • Downloadable eBooks and literature relevant for clients and useful in growing their
    professional bodies and member services.

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